The Integrated Criminal Justice Initiative (ICJI) is a collaborative effort of state agencies and associations to build a secure virtual system for the sharing of justice information by authorized users.

Based on open Internet technologies and standards, the ICJI provides information from diverse hardware and software platforms under a common browser interface.  ICJI leverages existing agency systems, recognizing and ensuring agency independence, and allowing agencies control of their information.

Additionally, ICJI provides a forum for each of the participating criminal justice agencies to collaborate and share ideas.  The ICJ Steering Committee is comprised of members & staff from 21 agencies and associations.  Each Steering Committee member has a voice as to how the ICJ funds are allocated, how and what data is shared, and what projects will be implemented.  The ICJ Portal has become a reality through their collaboration, commitment, cooperation and hard work.

The agencies and associations currently participating in the ICJ Steering Committee are:

Tennessee General Assembly - Senate Department of Finance & Administration
  • Office of Criminal Justice Programs
  • Office of Information Resources
Tennessee General Assembly - House of Representatives
Tennessee Department of Correction Administrative Office of the Courts
Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole Tennessee State Court Clerks Association
Tennessee Department of Safety Tennessee Supreme Court
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Tennessee Department of Children's Services
  • Juvenile Justice Division
Tennessee Department of Revenue
Tennessee Attorney General
Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference
Tennessee Office of Homeland Security
Tennessee District Public Defenders Conference Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
Tennessee Bar Association Tennessee Sheriff's Association
Governor's Highway Safety Office Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police
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